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As an accomplished industry expert of more than 22 years in building best-in-class sales and service organizations within the spa industry, Jocelyne knows a thing or two about quality spa products and services.

Beginning her career as a cosmetologist she soon began climbing the ranks to become the Senior Vice President of Operations for the largest salon and spa operator in North America, operating in luxury environments such as Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus, and Holt Renfrew. With more than 8000 employees in the beauty industry, Jocelyne gained a complete understanding about spa services, great products and great brands.

After 17 years on the Operations side, Jocelyne spent the next 4 years of her career as Vice President of a clinical luxury skincare brand that was formulated, manufactured and distributed by a pharmaceutical company. “I feel that each of these rewarding positions were part of a bigger journey in my professional path, each role taught me an aspect of the industry. As a cosmetologist, I saw first hand the impact of delivering a quality service and products to my clients, they walked a little taller, smiled a little brighter …I didn’t just change the way they looked, I changed the way that they feel…I gave them confidence”.

As an operator of Spas delivering high end services, Jocelyne gained a complete understanding of what happens in the treatment room, what is effective, and what makes a product and service amazing. “Overseeing a large chain of spas in the highest end environments in North America – you develop an eye for luxury, quality and results, only accepting the best as your clients absolutely only accept the best”

As Vice President of a pharmaceutical grade spa brand, Jocelyne had exposure to areas such as formulation, and quality assurance. “I understand fully what makes a product perform, how to deliver science based formulations but still give a spa feel to the products. At the end of the day we all want to use and buy skincare that works but also smells and feels amazing”

Perhaps Jocelyne’s most important position held is that of a wife of 25 years and mother of two children, age 23 and 8. “I know the true challenges of juggling a busy life, the demands of being a wife, mom and busy professional. I completely understand the struggle of giving everything you can to your career and your family and how tough it is to take a little time for yourself. I learned early on with a jet setting career and a demanding schedule – that if I didn’t take care of me, inside and out, so I could be my best self – no one else was getting the best me either.”

Bringing all of these experiences together, J.Anders has developed a high-performance product, amazing experience, and ability to bring the treatment room home to every busy professional, working mother and woman. This product is for everyone who wants to have the best products and services available but who has other time commitments and financial priorities, making spa accessible, affordable, and convenient for everyone.

It’s about “me time”, stopping the clock and taking care of yourself so you can take care of everyone else.


Sonya is the President of J. Anders Spa at home, bringing more than 10 years of executive experience in sales and marketing. Sonya has a proven track record driving sales growth in the pharmaceutical and medical device industry.With over a decade of sales and marketing and most importantly, real-life business experience Sonya appreciates and shares leadership skills and knows it not about a title, or position. leadership is for everyone.

Her entrepreneurial experience has taught her every aspect of running a successful business; this includes creating marketing and sales strategies, business development tasks and hiring. This experience has helped her to understand the motivation and goals of each sector of starting a company and the unique strengths that each has to offer. This perspective has prepared her for the role she has today.

Sonya will undoubtedly lead branding strategies, public speaking and personnel development to bring both our consumers and distribution channel the needed guidance to use and sell our products with confidence.

Now that you know about my Professional life, here is a little snapshot of the rest of my life. I’ve been married to my husband for 9 years, and a mother of two girls who are 5 and 7. Currently we make our home in Rockwall. We thoroughly enjoy all things outdoors: exercising, biking, camping, hiking, and boating, amongst many other things.

I look forward to this new journey in growing our business and helping those around us become the absolute best they can be. I believe that I have the ability to recognize and develop potential in people when they don’t see it in themselves and take them to the top.